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About Us

Welcome to my 2nd hand backpack gallery! Are you looking for a backpack but not ready to pay high price for it?

I am here to help you with your backpacking needs. Mine is a small backpack store, but that's how I've been able to keep it cozy all these years.

I take in and also sell several types and brands of backpack. These are usually the more popular models but there are exceptions. If you're lucky, I might have a backpack that's unique and in quite good condition for a good price.

But that's not something to be taken for granted as these are usually the exception rather than the norm.

If you have a backpack that's still in good condition but find little use for it, do consider bringing them to my shop. This way, we do a small part to our environment by reducing waste and also get some cash back in return.

Some of the brands that I carry include North Face, Case Logic, Targus, Jansport and Samsonite. Occasionally, I might have speciality brands like Timbuk2 or Airbac.

Consider yourself lucky if by chance, you are able to grab hold of these speciality brands. I'm not saying they are the finest backpack in terms of quality. But these backpack are usually more stylish and unique compared to say a North Face backpack.

Drop in to my shop now if you're looking for used backpack that is big on functionality but low on price!